MergeLane Accelerator 2017

Our 2017 program ran from February 12th to May 5th, 2017.
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MergeLane Accelerates High-potential Companies

MergeLane is designed to increase the number of women-led startups and to activate female leaders. The MergeLane accelerator program is structured to meet the needs and interests of companies with diverse management teams.

Headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, MergeLane is a 12-week program. Companies must be physically present in Boulder for the first two weeks and last week of the program. MergeLane companies also are required to participate in virtual workshops, mentor meetings and leadership coaching sessions throughout the program. 

What is Unique About the MergeLane Accelerator Program?

Reduced residency requirement that enables entrepreneurs with commitments in their place of residence to participate. Read more about location and requirements.

Virtual mentoring and mentor connections in the companies' place of residence to ensure connection throughout the program.

A curriculum targeting both the most critical early-stage business issues, as well as topics specifically affecting women leaders.

Personal executive coaching integrated into the curriculum and a focus on solving deeper issues to produce impactful behavioral and operational change.

Connections to high-value, gender and industry-diverse mentors and investors.

Meaningful connections to relevant investors throughout the entire program.

A stronger focus on accelerating businesses and leaders and building great companies as compared to a heightened focus on demo-day pitches.

Criteria for MergeLane Accelerator Companies

MergeLane discovers, accelerates and invests in exceptional women and the companies they run. We do this through a highly inclusive approach to growing diverse companies.


MergeLane is an accelerator focused on female-led companies. It is not an all-female accelerator. MergeLane companies must have at least one female serving in an executive role with equity interest.

Company Stage

We prefer companies that have raised less than $5 million of outside capital.


MergeLane will not consider businesses that are in the idea or concept stage. We strongly prefer companies that have achieved some degree of traction – revenue, contracts, strategic partnerships, etc.


Participating companies must have a scalable business model and the proper room to grow.


Companies within any industry are considered without preference.


We seek out inspiring, extraordinary people leading companies tied to their deep and personal passions.

MergeLane Accelerator Investment Approach

All MergeLane participating companies receive an investment of $20,000. This initial investment, along with the wide range of in-kind services provided as part of MergeLane, are offered in exchange for 6% of common stock in the participating companies. In addition, we may invest up to $100,000 in any company during or after the program. Our financial benefits are on par with those offered by the world’s leading accelerators.

Participants will receive guidance and tools to optimize their funding strategy, and they will be exposed to a broad network of active angel and institutional investors. 

Dates and Residency

  • Headquartered in Boulder, Colorado.
  • The program is 12 weeks full-time.
  • For the 2017 class, teams are required to be in Boulder for Feb 12-24 and May 1-5 of the program.
  • The middle program weeks will be conducted virtually for out-of-town teams.

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