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MergeLane discovers, accelerates and invests in exceptional women and the companies they run.

MergeLane is broadening the onramp for women at key stages of the startup and innovation ecosystem. MergeLane accelerates high-potential female leaders and startups with at least one female in leadership. The MergeLane platform currently comprises four main pillars.

MergeLane Accelerator

MergeLane runs one 12-week accelerator each year that pairs a select cohort of high-growth startups with industry-leading mentors to dramatically increase the startups’ growth trajectory. Accelerator companies may receive up to $120,000 in MergeLane investment.

Leadership Camp

MergeLane runs intensive three-day Leadership Camps for women leaders in startups, industry, and nonprofits designed to accelerate participants’ growth as innovative leaders.

MergeLane Fund

The MergeLane Fund invests in outstanding female-led companies outside the accelerator cohort.

High-quality Content

MergeLane is educating thousands of leaders and companies around the world through informative content, podcasts, speaking, and events.

MergeLane has 37 portfolio companies, including 27 accelerator cohort alumni. In sum, MergeLane’s accelerator cohorts have raised $23.8 million in funding and created 469 jobs, including 46 leadership roles for women.

MergeLane’s “Why”

Our motivation is two-fold. First, there are far fewer women in startups than we would expect. We believe diverse companies are stronger companies, and we want to help narrow the gap. Second, data overwhelmingly shows that venture-backed, female-run companies produce higher returns.

This investment thesis and our belief in diversity propel our commitment to MergeLane. We feel compelled to promote exceptional women leaders and the companies they run until it is no longer necessary. We want to make MergeLane obsolete. We will accomplish MergeLane’s goals through openness and inclusiveness.Hear what leaders and past particpants say at MergeLane Testimonials.

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